Kumarnthong   第一代兒科醫生,Luang Por Tae,Sam Ngam Temple.

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Kumarnthong   第一代兒科醫生,Luang Por Tae,Sam Ngam Temple. Kumarnthong   第一代兒科醫生,Luang Por Tae,Sam Ngam Temple. Kumarnthong   第一代兒科醫生,Luang Por Tae,Sam Ngam Temple. Kumarnthong   第一代兒科醫生,Luang Por Tae,Sam Ngam Temple.


Kumarnthong   第一代兒科醫生,Luang Por Tae,Sam Ngam Temple. BE 2485  80 years first version

Name of the image of Buddha: Kumarnthong   第一代兒科醫生
Supporter of casting: Luang Por Tae,Sam Ngam Temple
Location of Casting or Finding: Wat Sam Ngam  , Nakorn Pathom ,
Year of Casting: 2485BE (80yrs)
Praise of the image of Buddha: Harmproof , radiating with charm and bring good fortune,trade
prosperous ,protect property ,house keeping

Kumarnthong   第一代兒科醫生,Luang Por Tae,Sam Ngam Temple. BE 2485  80 years first version

Product :067

Price :1,500,000.00


第一代兒科醫生,Luang Por Tae,Sam Ngam Temple
創作方法(Kumarnthong)Luang Por Tae,Sam Ngam Temple,他根據古代文獻收集材料,例如粘土 Chet Pa Cemetery、Chet Tha、Chet Pong,以及週六一個死去孩子的骨頭,週二燒毀,和許多其他材料混合在一起。重要的步驟如下: 燃燒要煮熟的土壤需要適量的熱量。以免破壞土壤。並且必須使用吉祥的特殊木材使土壤成熟Luang Por Tae 會帶著金童躺在墊子上,坐下來奉獻精神做症狀。 32件事情做完,魂魄進入黃金小兒傀儡,就會有自己坐起來的力量崇拜的人它將幫助您進行良好的交易,保護您的家園,給予好運並定期貪婪。第一批 Kumarnthong,Luang Por Tae,有 3 個版畫,1. Pim Hu Yao,2. Pim Hu short,3. Pim Ta Pon。幾個數字。它是作為第一個版本的最後一個版本創建的。有一個特別的大頭,美式頭髮,短跑道。它像人一樣有大眼睛、大鼻子和短耳朵。這兩種類型的區別是短耳型和長耳型。被壓印為面板像一條古老的項鍊有一條只出現在前面的項鍊,脖子後面沒有,底座的邊緣很粗,兩條腿疊在一起。兩側有薄凸腕利,兩臂關節有三層底座,塗上朱紅色,以保護底座周圍的泥土。其中一些被真正的金箔覆蓋。這是非常稀有的,因為在那個年代黃金是稀有的。幾十年過去了。黃金完全乾燥,自然附著在小兒身上,花蜜布的底部光滑。沒有任何點綴。

First generation of pediatricians, Luang Por Tae, Sam Ngam Temple
Method of creation (Kumarnthong) Luang Por Tae, Sam Ngam Temple, he collected materials according to the ancient texts, such as clay Chet Pa Cemetery, Chet Tha, Chet Pong, and the bones of a dead child on Saturday, burned on Tuesday, and many other materials to mix together. The important steps are as follows: Burning the soil to be cooked requires just the right amount of heat. to prevent soil damage and cracking and must use a special wood that is auspicious to ripen the soil Luang Por Tae will bring the golden child to lie on the mat and sit to consecrate the spirit to do symptoms. 32 things until complete, then the soul and spirit enter the golden pediatric puppet, will have the power to sit up by itself people who worship It will help you to trade well, protect your home, give good luck and be greedy on a regular basis. The first batch of Kumarnthong, Luang Por Tae, there are 3 prints, 1. Pim Hu Yao, 2. Pim Hu short, 3. Pim Ta Pon. This one is a Pim (Pon Ta) which is considered to be made in very few numbers. It is the creation of the last version of the first version. There is a special Big head, American hair, short airstrip. It has big eyes, big nose, and short ears like a human. The difference between the two types is the short-ear type and the long-ear type. is embossed as a panel resembling an ancient necklace There is a necklace that appears only in the front, the back of the neck is not, the edge of the base is very thick, with both legs sitting on top of each other. There are thin convex wrist profits on both sides. Both arm joints have a three-layer base and painted red vermilion to preserve the soil around the base. Some of them were covered with real gold leaf. Which is very rare because gold in those days is rare. When many decades have passed. The gold is completely dry, naturally attached to the pediatrics and the base of the nectar cloth is smooth. No embellishments whatsoever.

Luang Phor Tae - Sacred Monk of Wat Sam Ngam
Luang Phor Tae Khong Thong (LP Tae) is a great legendary guru monk in Thailand. Who is the first monk who created the best and most powerful Kuman Thong. He was born in 1891 (B.E.2434) it the lunar year of Rabbit. He was born in the rural village of Sam Ngam, Don Tum District, in the province of Nakhon Pathom. He was born as the fifth child of a family of seven brothers and sisters.
At the age of 7, LP Tae was brought by his uncle Luang Phor Dang (LP Dang), a famous senior monk of Wat Kalong at Samut Sakorn Province. He suggested that LP Tae should go to Wat Kalong with him where he resides. During that time LP Dang is a highly respected senior monk, LP Tae's parents consider it’s an honor and allow their little son to follow his uncle to the temple to get educated from there.
At that time LP Tae began his studies with the Buddhist Monk. LP Dang taught his young nephew many basic sciences, dhamma, and basic ancient magical crafts for over a period of three years before he returned home at the age of 10 to his hometown.
Several years later, LP Tae uncle (LP Dang) brought him back to the temple again. At that time LP Tae began his life with the Buddhist Monk’s hood and increased his knowledge extensively, learning many basic sacred sciences from his uncle and in particular those associated with opposite-sex attraction, protection from weapons and danger. As time passed, at the age of 15, LP Tae was ordained as a novice monk by LP Dang.
LP Dang notices that there is no Buddhist temple in the Dom Tum District area of Nakhon Pathom. He told LP Tae that he planned to build a temple at Dom Tum village, some three kilometres away from Sam Ngam District, where LP Tae was born there. When the temple was completely built up, it was named Wat Arunyikaram or Wat Sam Ngam as it is known today.
At the age of 21, LP Tae was officially ordained as a senior monk by LP Dar which LP Tae was given the title of monkhood “Khong Thong”. Once fully ordained LP Tae continued with his studies in Buddha, Dharma, and Samadhi, and began to hone his skills in supernatural spells and rituals.
Later on, with his studies, LP Tae became the close disciple of Luang Phor Dar (LP Dar) of Wat Paniangtak. LP Dar had passed down all his knowledge spells to LP Tae, and also bring along LP Tae with him whenever he went Thudong. After LP Dar passed away in the year 1922, after a few months with faith LP Tae met up with a special Geji master Luang Phor Cham (LP Cham) a Cambodian guru of Wat Takong.
LP Cham is regarded as one of the most influential teachers of LP Tae because of his dedication to the Buddhist faith and sacred sciences, who taught LP Tae everything he knew about Dharma, Samadhi, Saiyasaat (magical arts) and powerful spells. LP Tae had learned many consecrate powerful items from him. After some time, LP Cham told LP Tae, if you want to become Chao Khun (monks having the higher rank title) you have to go on Thudong (forest) monks life by entering the forest for traditional practice.
With LP Cham advises, LP Tae chooses the latter and starts his pilgrimage travel to earn more experience and to test his knowledge and karma alone among forest and caves for many years in Cambodia and became a Thudong monk. During this period LP Tae increased his knowledge extensively, learning many new sacred spells particular associated with opposite-sex attraction, protection from weapons and danger.
It is said that LP Tae was a monk who possessed a lot of Metta (loving-kindness) and bahramee (power). Whenever LP Tae went for Thudong, many villagers will give money and personal possessions to him, but he never accepts, because he did not know where to keep the money with him, except the morning alms. The villagers were unhappy because they wanted LP Tae to accept their money so that he can use the funds to make merits for them. Occasionally LP Tae accepted some of the money.
As time goes by, LP Dang passed away at Wat Kalong. Before his death, he had requested that LP Tae oversee Wat Sam Ngam. LP Tae worked tirelessly to fulfil his Uncles wishes. He comes back to Wat Sam Ngam to look after the temple and blessing the villagers. In the year 1932, at the age of 40, he became the Abbot of Wat Sam Ngam. However, before LP Tae became so widely known, he had to work very hard. Originally Wat Sam Ngam was quite dilapidated, and it was his responsibility to ensure that he should work harder to rebuild the whole temple building.
LP Tae was well known for creating “Kuman Thong” (The Golden Child). The first temples in Thailand, Bangkok to create Kuman Thong were Wat Sam Ngam and Wat Takong. LP Tae passed away at the age of 90 on 25th December 1981. He served in the monkhood for 59 years.
LP Tae is widely known and highly respected for his sacred amulets that have brought extreme good luck and great fortune to many people. On many occasions, it has been recorded that people wearing LP Ta

กุมารทองรุ่นแรก หลวงพ่อเต๋ วัดสามง่าม 

รหัสสินค้า: 067

ราคา: 1,500,000.00 บาท


รายละเอียด:กุมารทองรุ่นแรก หลวงพ่อเต๋ วัดสามง่าม

วิธีการสร้าง (กุมารทอง) หลวงพ่อเต๋ วัดสามง่าม ท่านได้รวบรวมมวลสารตามตำราโบราณ คือ ดินเจ็ดป่าช้า เจ็ดท่า เจ็ดโป่ง และกระดูกเด็กตายวันเสาร์ เผาวันอังคาร และมวลสารอีกหลายอย่างนำมา รวมกันผสม ขั้นตอนสำคัญ คือ การเผาดินให้สุกต้องใช้ความร้อนพอดี เพื่อไม่ให้ดินมีความเสียหายแตกร้าว และต้องใช้ฝืนไม้พิเศษที่เป็นมงคล เพื่อให้ดินสุก หลวงพ่อเต๋ท่านจะนำกุมารทองวางนอนบนเสื่อ และ นั่งปลุกเสกเรียกจิตวิญญาณทำอาการ 32ประการจนครบ แล้วดวงจิต วิญญาณ เข้าสู่หุ่นกุมารทองจะมีอิทฤทธิ์ลุกนั่งเองได้ คนที่บูชาไปเลี้ยงดู จะช่วยให้ค้าขายดี คุ้มครองบ้าน ให้โชคโลภเป็นประจํา กุมารทองรุ่นแรก หลวงพ่อเต๋ มีทั้งหมด 3พิมพ์ 1.พิมพ์หูยาว 2.พิมพ์หูสั้น 3.พิมพ์ตาโปน ส่วนองค์นี้เป็นพิมพ์ (ตาโปน) นับว่าสร้างจํานวนน้อยมาก เป็นการจัดสร้างเป็นรุ่นสุดท้ายของรุ่นแรก มีเอกลักษณ์พิเศษคือ ศีรษะใหญ่ผมทรงอเมริกันลานบินสั้น มีดวงตาใหญ่โต จมูกใหญ่ มีลักษณะใบหูสั้นเหมือนมนุษย์ แตกต่างจากทั้งสองพิมพ์ คือ พิมพ์หูสั้นและพิมพ์หูยาว คือมีความนูนเป็นแผง คล้ายสร้อยคอโบราณ มีสร้อยคอปรากฎเฉพาะด้านหน้าด้านหลังคอไม่มี ขอบฐานหนามาก มีขาทั้งสองข้างนั่งทับซ้อนกัน มีกำไรข้อมือเป็นนูนๆ บางๆ ทั้งสองข้าง มีการแต่งกำไรข้อแขนทั้งสองข้าง มีฐาน 3ชั้น และทาชาดแดงเพื่อรักษาเนื้อดินบริเวรฐาน บางองค์ก็นำไปปิดทองคำเปลวแท้เลย ซึ่งมีน้อยมากเพราะทองสมัยนั้นหายาก เมื่อ เวลาผ่านไปหลายสิบปี ทองจะมีความแห้งสนิทติดเนื้อกุมารทอง โดยธรรมชาติ และฐานผ้าทิพย์เรียบ ไม่มีการขีดแต่งแต่อย่างใด
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